Feel balanced and energised naturally during Menopause by nurturing your gut health


What would it feel like to get rid of that bloating
so you can feel comfortable in your clothes again without a diet that restricts you


  • Are you constantly bloated, constipated, have diarrhoea?

  • Do you feel embarrassed that you look like you are pregnant?

  • Is your energy non existent?

  • Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

  • Do you struggle to lose weight?

  • What's a good night's sleep?


A naturopath, HOLISTIC 
NUTRITIONIST and herbalist. 


Are you tired of searching the internet for the magic solution to your Menopausal symptoms? Has anyone told you that the bloating, food intolerances, hot flushes, fatigue, anxiety and all the Menopausal symptoms start in the gut?

I get it, I've been there, I've walked in your shoes, I see you.

I am a Bachelor degree qualified Naturopath and I help women like you get your old self back.

Are you ready to get your life back on track? 

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If you're sitting on the fence and would like a little clarity as to whether naturopathy will help you reach your health goals- book a call now. 

Who wants restrictive diets? I know I don't! Eating real wholefoods is easy and I will show you how. Addicted to sugar? I get it I use to be as well, I can help you stop those cravings.


No sweating it out at the gym, unless you want to. I can help you choose the best lifestyle choices that suit you.



These are all tailor made to suit you, no two people are the same, you are unique so your treatment plan will be to.

This is how I can
support you

 I would not hesitate to recommend Tracey. She has helped and supported me tremendously after having baby number three. Tracey not only uses supplements but gives nutritional advice, health information and lifestyle advice that is do-able and not at all overwhelming. Highly recommend. 


With the clear guidance that comes from Tracey and from her always highlighting the uniqueness in everyone, it has enabled me to have the ability to take control and implement the necessary steps to assist myself in my own healing journey. Tracey provides nurturing, unconditional care and support, which is something I treasure as I feel, from my own experience within the health profession, this is something quite rare in these times


I highly recommend Tracey. She has an amazing non judgemental calm nature and really listens to your needs. She has healed me of my pain and exhaustion and given me my life back. Thank you

- sheree

Tracey is extremely passionate and knowledgeable at what she does. In just the first session she was able to accurately help me get some results, which was refreshing after trying so many different things over the years. She listens, and was able to identify what’s going on and recommend accordingly. I am already seeing improvement in my skin, gut health and my energy has improved. 
My emotional health is improving - and trace has been so supportive through the process Thank you Trace  😍

- emma

I started seeing Tracey after trying numerous products that were out there on all the socials for menopause. Her knowledge of the female hormones is amazing. I would definitely recommend Tracey  for anyone that is struggling with peri /menopause. I’m no longer feeling bloated in my belly and I’m losing the right amount of weight in the right amount of time. It can be frustrating when we know we are doing all the right things and nothing is changing. I  am so grateful to have started my journey with Health in Thyme  😍

- rochelle

Tracey was fantastic she is a very knowledgeable and an easy person to talk to. She took the time to provide several options outside of the norm when some resolutions weren’t viable for my hectic lifestyle. 100% recommend her for any of your health or menopause issues. Thanks Tracey, I’ll be in touch again soon for some follow ups  😊

- jody

Tracey has provided the knowledge required to adjust the hormones and rebalance my lifestyle. Menopause is not great to go through and reach the end and still have issues, but with Tracey's help these have been easier to cope with.
Very caring and mindful person who has the knowledge to help you through your journey. Thanks Tracey you've been a godsend.

- sandy

I took my adult daughter to see Tracey as she was having a lot of digestive issues. Tracey was very thorough, after following a tailored made plan my daughter was able to reintroduce foods with no side effects.
I also saw Tracey with menopausal symptoms and after taking a herbal, with diet and lifestyle suggestions it gave me the motivation to get back on track with exercise and healthier choices.

- wendy


I will formulate a comprehensive treatment plan  that is individually tailored to your needs and desires. This can include lifestyle changes, nutritional recommendations and prescription of herbal tonics or supplements.  Testing  may be recommended to find out the root cause of health conditions.


In your follow up appointment I will check that you are on track to achieving your desired goals with confidence. Your current plan will be reassessed and any changes that need to be made will be addressed. 


This is a very thorough appointment which will take about 60 minutes. A detailed history of all of your past and current health concerns will be taken to evaluate the best way to treat you. You may or may not recieve supplements or herbs. 





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